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About Bloom Agro

Bloom Agro is a platform for agriculture knowledge and technology. We work with a variety of crops and offer a wide range of advanced solutions using Israeli-designed technology. Working hand-in-hand with clients, we ensure our solutions achieve the desired results in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our Services


We offer complete advice and technical solutions from crop feasibility and project design to implementation and maintenance.

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Irrigation Design and

We design and supply cost-effective irrigation and fertigation solutions, and can offer fertigation support to maximise yields.

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Water recycling systems for agricultural processing

We provide revolutionary systems to treat and sustainably recycle water used in agricultural processing.

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Treatment of Contaminated Irrigation Water for Agriculture

Our water treatment is a simple and cost-effective solution for contaminated water used for agricultural irrigation.

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Bloom’s Unique Water Treatment System for Foc-TR4 Contaminated Water

Bloom’s Innovative Water Treatment for Banana Packing Houses