Advanced Water Treatment for Irrigation

Advanced Water Treatment for Agricultural Irrigation

Bloom Agro offers cost-effective Advanced Water Treatment for irrigation water used for agriculture. Bloom’s system combines physical filtration and the injection of non-toxic chemicals into contaminated water for an optimum amount of time.

The System


Pre-filtering in a
Settling Reservoir

Settling of the heavy particles and
organic matter in the water

Water suction at an
optimal depth.


Mechanical Filtration:
Filtration to remove particles
larger than 25 µm in diameter

Filtration at this size
removes other organic
matter, ensuring reduced
quantities of chemicals
required in steps 3 and 4.


A chlorination preparation
and dosing system uses
sensors and advanced
software to ensure
accurate and controlled

The chemical solution
is injected into the water
to eradicate contaminants,
without posing a risk to
soil or plant health.


Contact Time:
Water sits in a contact
time tank for an
optimum amount of
time before testing,
and pumping for use
in irrigation.

Uses of the system include (but are not limited to):

Fusarium Wilt (including Foc-TR4)


Moko Bacteria


For a video explanation of the process, please see here:

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include world-class filtration and chemical injection companies:

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