A World First – Bloom’s Unique Solution to Managing the Spread of Foc-TR4

Bloom has developed an Advanced Water Treatment System which combines physical filtration and the  injection of non-toxic chemicals into contaminated water for an optimum amount of time.

To aid in the development of this new treatment system, Bloom has enlisted two pioneering companies to join in developing a solution to this urgent, worldwide issue:






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Foc-TR4 – A Brief Introduction

Foc-TR4 (or Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense Tropical Race 4) is the new variant of the causal agent of Fusarium wilt in
Cavendish bananas. This economically devastating disease has spread within Southeast Asia, Australia and the Middle East
and East Africa. Foc-TR4 is known to survive for decades in the absence of its banana host through resilient chlamydospores
and as a non-pathogenic parasite of weed roots

Several ways for the pathogen dissemination have been identified:
– Infected plant parts, including symptomless infected seed pieces.
– Surface waters used for irrigation.
– Soil and soil contaminated tools.
– Farm equipment, clothes, footwear, and animals etc.

In the absence of Foc-TR4 resistant clones, and without effective biological, chemical or cultural measures, effective exclusion and quarantine measures become essential.