Installation of 2 Water Treatment Systems and Drip Irrigation System in Talayan, Mindanao, Philippines

Al Sahar is a newly established banana plantation company with over 500 hectares of lowland bananas in Mindanao Philippines.

The plantation has been established in the Autonomous Muslim Region of Mindanao, and aims to grow to 2,000 hectares.

Following the strong El Niño in the summer of 2016, it was decided that the installation of irrigation will be necessary to ensure stable productivity of the plantation.

However, the watershed where El Sahar’s plantations are located have shown signs of Foc-TR4 contamination.

As such, Bloom Agro were contacted in February 2016 to provide a solution. After two months of discussion, Bloom installed two Advanced Water Treatment Systems, as well as installed a fertigation system across an initial area of 394 hectares.

The system is allowing Al Sahar to fertigate its plantations with zero risk of Foc-TR4 contamination from surface water.

As the plantation expands, Al Sahar has requested that further irrigation and water treatment systems are installed.