Irrigation System Rehabilitation and Advanced Water Treatment for La Frutera Plantation

Following the successful rehabilitation of the irrigation system at Unifrutti’s MADC plantations, Bloom were requested in January 2016 for a similar scope of work for Unifrutti’s larger 1,250 hectare banana plantation, La Frutera, located in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, Philippines.

In a similar position, due to a mixture of ageing irrigation systems, as well as the risk of spread of Foc-TR4, La Frutera Inc had stopped irrigating their banana plantation.

Bloom’s solution comprised 6 pumping stations, with individ- ual water treatment systems to ensure surface water is not contaminated by Foc-TR4. The systems were installed across the plantation, and connected to a new drip fertigation (fertilized irrigation).

La Frutera’s plantation is once more fully fertigated, ensur- ing consistently high yields, ef cient fertilizer application across the plantation, and zero risk of Foc-TR4 being spread through surface water.