Water Recycling Systems for Agricultural Processing

Water Recycling Systems for Agricultural Packing Houses

Bloom Agro offers revolutionary plug-and-play water treatment and recycling systems for agricultural packing plants. Our systems are proven for bananas and pineapples, with research under way for additional crop processing facilities (including coffee).

How it Works:
Bloom’s systems – which can recycle water as often as required – create a closed loop in the washing process:

Water is taken from the exit of the washing basin and is filtered using advanced filtration technology.

Organic matter (latex, leaves, fibres) is separated for disposal.

An efficient and safe dosing of any required non-harmful chemicals for creating floccs or disinfection is added to the water (inputs are conditional on the particular crop).

The water is returned to the washing basin and the cycle repeats.

Key Benefits of Our Systems:

Constant effective monitoring of any inputs in the recycled water (flocculants, coagulants, chemicals – depending on the process).

Recycling of 100% of
the water in the basin
(ensuring nearly zero
water wastage).

Removal of an exceptionally high amount of organic matter by advanced methods of filtration.

Automatic injection using advanced dosing of the efficient level of the various elements required to the solution in order to maintain an effective and efficient cleaning process.

For a video explanation of the process, please see here:

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