Board of Directors

Hillel Milo is pioneering figure in Israel’s venture capital industry, personally responsible for more than 20 exits. He is currently the co-Founder and Managing Partner of AquAgroFund, a venture capital fund focused on Israel’s innovative water and agriculture technologies, as well as other clean technologies.

In the early nineties, Hillel served as co-Founder and General Partner at Walden Israel, one of Israel’s first venture capital funds. Later, in 1995, he co-founded Clal Venture Capital, a $40M venture capital fund, and served as its CEO until it completed its life cycle at the beginning of 2002. In parallel with his tenure at Clal Venture Capital, Hillel also co-founded and served as Managing General Partner of Infinity VC, an $85M venture capital fund.

In 2001, Hillel joined Alice Ventures, a $220M European fund, as a Partner until mid-2006.
Prior to his venture capital years, Hillel served on the management team of a private European financial group, co-started Zoran Israel, and served in management positions at Dixie Steel in the United States. Hillel holds a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters degree in Management Sciences.